Palliative Care & Hospice Software To Help You Provide The Best Care

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    Deliver Personalized Care

    Track detailed information about patients, along with services and programs delivered, so you have a complete view of their history and can deliver the best care.
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    Streamline Service Delivery

    Manage patient intake, needs assessment, and client care, along with staff and volunteer involvement, so you can streamline service delivery at your hospice.
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    Accelerate Your Impact

    Use outcome-based reporting to track key metrics to report back to funders, and get immediate feedback so staff can quickly respond to urgent needs.

Powerful Contact Management to Help You Better Manage Clients

Sumac Case Management Palliative Care & Hospice software is powered by Sumac CRM which connects all your patient and client records in one place so you can see a complete history of their relationship with your hospice in just one click.

  • Record and maintain a central record for each patient, including all communications and activities.
  • Easily track key requirements on aggregate case statistics to report back to funders, donors, and advocating bodies.
  • Capture real-time data for patient admission, discharge, and client program usage all within the same system.
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Create Efficiencies In Client Care & Service Delivery

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Palliative Care & Hospice Software That Fits Your Nonprofit

Sumac Case Management Palliative Care & Hospice software is pre-configured with 80% of the essential data and workflow needs of hospice or palliative care centers, including integrated intake, case lifecycle workflow, and resource management.  

The remaining 20% is configured when your software is implemented to match your unique workflow and data needs.

  • Patient care action plans are defined to match the exact step-by-step workflow needs of each of your programs or client types.
  • Programs and services delivered to your patients are customized to match the ones your nonprofit delivers.
  • Client records are configured to hold the unique data you require for patient profiles, and field names are customized to match the terms you use in your hospice or palliative care center.
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Essential Palliative Care & Hospice Software Capabilities

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    Track Client PPS

    Palliative Performance Scale (PPS) measurement records allow you to report quickly on how a patient is doing, so you can provide the best care.
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    Secure Data Management

    Keep data secure with user permissions that control who can access client data in a solution that is PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant.
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    Track Client Data & Assign Tasks

    Define and track action plans and activities for each patient to avoid missing important deadlines or milestones, and assign duties to staff as needed.

Advanced Palliative Care & Hospice Software Capabilities

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    Online Webforms

    Embed patient intake forms directly on your website that integrate with your Sumac CRM, so data is captured in your database automatically, creating less effort and less errors.
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    Donations & Fundraising

    Take your programs to the next level by integrating donor management and fundraising. Track donors, and collect monthly gifts and pledges online to increase donations and meet your fundraising targets.
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    Volunteer Management

    Allow new hospice volunteers to sign up on your website via online webforms, and manage your pool of volunteers by tracking their skills, preferences, and availability, and assigning them to specific events or tasks.

Pricing That's Tailored For Your Needs

Prices for Sumac Palliative Care & Hospice start at just $158/month


  • Case Management Specialized Solution
  • Client profile and case intake definition
  • Case lifecycle tracking and resource management
  • Service delivery planning and tracking
  • Client communication tracking
  • Cloud-based Sumac CRM
  • Bulk and individual email
  • Workflow management
  • Reminders
  • Outcome-based reporting
  • Accounting integration
  • 1,000 record capacity

Add-on Options:

  • Client Intake Webforms
  • Donations & Donation Webforms
  • Volunteers & Volunteer Signup Webforms
  • Memberships & Member Signup Webforms
  • Prospecting
  • Grant management
  • Specialized Extension
  • Specialized Webforms
  • Additional record capacity up to 200k

Included With Every Palliative Care & Hospice Software Plan

Simple Configuration

Easily configure drop-down lists, checkboxes, tabs, and fields in minutes to fit your data.

Cloud-Based Access

Access critical data at any time from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Free Support

Unlimited phone, email, client area support portal, and in-app support access.

Free Live Training

Personalized live training to get up and running fast with annual refresher sessions.

Free Webinars

Unlimited access to live and pre-recorded webinars covering basic functionality to highly specialized features.

Free Version Upgrades

Free automatic updates to the latest software versions, features and releases.

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