Our Story

Who We Are

Silent Partner Software is a company committed to building exceptional software products to support nonprofits.

As experts in the nonprofit space, we pride ourselves on understanding the current and emerging needs of nonprofits and building the tools they need to Do More, Better.

For more than 25 years, we have helped nonprofit organizations across the USA, Canada, the UK and Europe manage over three million donors and contacts, and raise more than $1 billion to fund critically important programs.

Our suite of products includes everything from donations and case management to board and volunteer management. We support nonprofits in every sector – social services, arts and culture, animal welfare, health, environment, and education.

We continually learn from our customers so we can expand our suite of products and services to better serve nonprofits of all shapes and sizes in the good work they do.

Our Mission

To support nonprofits with beautiful, cloud-enabled technology so they can operate more efficiently and achieve their mission.


Our Vision

To make a difference in the world by helping nonprofits Do More, Better.

Our Affiliates

With common objectives and in some cases shared ownership, we work alongside several organizations that share a common mission to support charities and nonprofits to become stronger, more resilient organizations.

Sand Hill North believes that technology has the power to make the world a better place and invests in the extraordinary people and remarkable businesses that make that happen. From pre-seed to seed, Sand Hill North invests in companies like Silent Partner Software that are forging the future for the better. They are valuable business partners who understand challenges and share their network and insights so that success is achieved together.

Frontier is a results-oriented marketing team that partners with charities for efficient and effective fundraising growth. They bring direct-response fundraising to charities by using an integrated systems-based approach. Frontier takes into consideration the values and mission of the organizations they work with to create strategies that are tailored to suit their needs and meet their goals.

Wisely is changing the way social enterprises fundraise. Using AI/machine learning, the Wisely solution empowers fundraisers to own their pipelines by telling them which donors will give, when donors will give, and the right ask amount. Complementing an organization’s existing CRM, Wisely uses client data to power algorithms that provide up to date insights in real time. Unique in the nonprofit space, Wisely uses an agency model to offer dedicated client support throughout the client relationship.

Hopeful is a social media analytics and management agency that empowers nonprofits to share compelling stories more efficiently and generate more funds. They are the first Social Fundtech platform that enables nonprofits and charities to monetize their social media followers specifically for fundraising, while giving them visibility on why donors are engaging.

How We Got Started (and Why)

Silent Partner Software was born from a need for donations management software that didn’t yet exist. Created in the 1990s, the founder worked for a nonprofit counselling crisis pregnancy center and raised funds using paper notes, physical cash and rudimentary tracking methods. Recognizing an opportunity to Do More, Better, the founder created a custom designed DOS-based software solution for nonprofits called The Silent Partner.

The Silent Partner was one of the first products on the market that could record donation amounts, keep track of donors, and make communicating on a consistent basis with funders easier. It was upgraded to a Windows environment in the early 2000s and continued to gain customers locally, and eventually internationally due to its ease of use, competitive price, and practical functionality.

Originally named for the customer-focused relationship the founder kept with his clients, The Silent Partner stood for the ‘strong and silent’ partner archetype who provides the kind of backend support that creates a solid and successful organizational foundation. Today, Silent Partner Software carries that legacy forward by interacting with customers in more ways than just transactional – free support, free training, free webinars, free upgrades, and a personal level of customer care that is a critical component of Silent Partner Software’s brand DNA to this day.

Our Values

Integrity and Accountability

Our “WILL” statements (“We will make a positive difference in the nonprofit world”) are integral to our company culture and uphold the highest standards of integrity, mutual respect, and unifying commitment: for our team, for our partners, and for each other.

Diversity and Inclusion

We cultivate a workplace that is committed to diversity and inclusion, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we recognize that our differences make us stronger.

Giving Back

We understand how important giving back is to the fabric of our communities and creating a better world overall. That’s why our employees spend a few hours each month to volunteer with a charity or nonprofit in support of their mission.

Fair Trade Workplace

In helping nonprofits Do More, Better, we have extended our vision of making a difference in the world by achieving a Fair Trade Workplace designation in February 2022 for Silent Partner Software’s head office. With each cup of Fairtrade coffee, tea and hot chocolate that our staff and guests savour, we recognize the true value of labour and the cost of production for these beverages that we enjoy. Fairtrade means that a fair price was paid to those farmers and workers in the Global South, and also provides a Premium so that they can invest in improvements to their own businesses.

Indigenous Heritage

We are proud to have our head office in the city of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue which became a Fair Trade Town in 2010. It is located on a place of passage used by First Nations before the arrival of Europeans. This indigenous heritage is highlighted by the city at Kelso Park, where a white pine tree was planted in 2005 and a commemorative plaque installed in 2017 in honor of the Mohawk Nation. It expresses the city’s commitment to educating citizens and visitors about its history and milestones, and the shared commitment to the environment. The alliance is also asserted by the Mohawk language used on the plaque to pay homage to members of the Mohawk Nation studying at John Abbott College, and McGill University – Macdonald Campus which became a designated Fair Trade Campus in 2019.

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