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“Switching to Sumac was the best decision! Our operations are now streamlined and automated and we are saving time. We love that we now have a centralized place to manage everything – donations, case management, memberships, and training courses and that our staff can access Sumac from anywhere. Before Sumac, performing even the simplest tasks was time-consuming and frustrating. Now, our CRM is so user-friendly, that all of our staff love it – even our admittedly non-tech-savvy one! They constantly rave about how easy it is to find the data they need, run reports, and get things done. Sumac has been a real lifesaver – giving us back the time we need to focus on our clients, programs, and organization!”

“Before Sumac, we were using one software for case management and another for donations. It was expensive and didn’t always work. Now we have a single solution to manage clients, donors, volunteers, and more! We love Sumac because it’s dependable, fast, and we can easily customize it for our needs. Sumac also makes it really easy to enter case notes, run reports, and send emails which saves us lots of time. I would 100% recommend Sumac to other nonprofits doing Case Management.” – Tanya De La Mare, Admin and Volunteer Coordinator, Stop Abuse in Families (SAIF)

When I started my search for a CRM system for our small non-profit organization, my biggest concern was being able to transfer my thoughts from inside of my head into a CRM system that would be able to serve our clients, partners and donors. Right from the beginning, Sumac listened, and was able to make the vision I had come to life.

Switching from three applications to one significantly streamlined operations, reduced paper use, and made stats easier to gather… Before Sumac, we were operating in silos.” – Stephanie Stones, IT Manager at Hospice of Windsor and Essex County

“As a mid-sized charity, Sumac is the perfect CRM that covers all of our organization’s needs. It allows for us to track activities for our many donors across the country and pull lists for our various communications initiatives, all while being extremely easy to use. There is a reason we have used Sumac for over 10 years; it’s that good.” – Dan McKinnon, Manager of Marketing and Communications at National Youth Orchestra

When we got Sumac, we finally had the tools we needed to focus more on fundraising… In less than 4 years, the Fellowship donations program has grown 240%, cumulatively raising $190,000!” – Natasha Bood, Executive Director

We switched to Sumac so we could have a single place to store and update all data, so we could easily print labels and segment contacts for more targeted mailings, and eventually e-blasts too.” – Stephanie Anne D’Amico, Administrative Director at Loop Gallery

The experience and expertise that the Sumac support team had was instrumental in helping our hospice customize our use of Sumac. Within a very short period of time, we went from using Sumac to enter our data, to having Sumac working for us to produce the outcomes we were looking for.” – Heidi Griffin, Executive Director

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