Here's How It Works:

  • Start With Sumac CRM

    Sumac CRM is the heart of all Sumac solutions, giving you the tools to manage contacts, communications, reporting, and email marketing.
  • Choose Your Add-on Functionality

    Next, choose from 11 add-ons to help manage your unique programs, including grant management, case management, and donations.
  • Configure For Your Needs

    In minutes, configure your Sumac CRM for your unique data by changing fields, drop-downs, and checkboxes, or creating your own.
That’s it! You have a CRM perfectly tailored for your nonprofit. No consultants, or custom development required.

   Hosted on AWS so you can access your database from anywhere.

Sumac CRM Makes Contact Management Easy

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Choose The Add-On Functionality You Need

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    Case Management

    Sumac Case Management helps streamline service delivery, increase the accuracy of client information, and assist with tasks like client intake and assessment.
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    Sumac Memberships is a complete membership management solution that automates routine tasks and streamlines membership management, so you have more time.
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    Sumac Donations seamlessly manages fundraising outreach, donor and donation records, and payment processing in one place, saving you time and minimizing errors.
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    Sumac Volunteer Management streamlines the entire process of managing volunteers, from recruitment and analysis to scheduling.
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    Grant Management

    Sumac Grant Management enables you to build a structured, step-by-step approach to winning grants and awards to support your mission.
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    Course Registration

    Sumac Course Registration streamlines the set up, delivery and follow-up for courses, eliminating the tedium of processing piles of paperwork.
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    Online Webforms

    Donation and membership webforms make it easy to get new donors and members from your website. Seamless CRM integration means all data is automatically captured in your CRM.
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    Sumac Forms allows you to capture additional information about your constituents either on your website or in-house.
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    Sumac Proposals manages complex donation situations, enabling you to create sophisticated illustrations for planned giving and large gifts that fall outside the routine of campaign asks.
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    Sumac Prospecting rapidly calculates a percentile ranking for each contact in your database based on criteria that you specify to help you identify potential large donors.
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    Sumac Custom is a completely customizable add-on module that tracks data and programs unique to your organization, and works seamlessly with every other part of your CRM.


Sumac CRM can integrate with your existing software systems giving you a seamless end-to-end solution and eliminating the need for double data entry:

Pricing That's Tailored For Your Needs

Prices for Sumac CRM start at just $49/month


  • Cloud-based Sumac CRM
  • Communication tracking
  • Bulk and individual email
  • Workflow management
  • Reminders
  • Built-in and ad-hoc reporting
  • Accounting integration
  • 1,000 record capacity

Add-on Options:

  • Case Management & embedded client registration webpage
  • Donations & embedded donation webpage
  • Volunteers & embedded volunteer signup webpage
  • Memberships & embedded member signup webpage
  • Custom add-on
  • Custom forms
  • Prospecting
  • Grant management
  • Additional record capacity up to 200k

Included With Every Plan

Simple Configuration

Easily configure drop-down lists, checkboxes, tabs, and fields in minutes to fit your data.


Access critical data at any time from any computer with an internet connection.

Free Support

Access support by phone, email, portal, and in-app tools.
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Free On-Demand Training

Unlimited access to on-demand instructor-led training whenever you need it.
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Integrate with the solutions you already use for email marketing, accounting, and payment process.
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Free Upgrades

Free updates to all the newest and latest software versions, features and releases.

Plans range from: 750 – 200k Contacts, 3 – 100+ Users, 5 – 100 GB Data Storage.
Contact us to find a plan that works for your needs.

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