With over 25 years of expertise with nonprofits, Silent Partner Software has always been a customer-first organization. We are proud that our software has helped charities and nonprofits across Canada, the USA, the UK and Europe. Our people are passionate about offering you the best experience possible with our software and our products. At Silent Partner Software, we quickly identify the source of the problem, recommend solutions and assign the right people to get you up and running.

DMS - Lead



Our experience of working with nonprofits has helped us build a holistic knowledge of the different components of the nonprofit space. Our team works with you to identify potential gaps and to recommend appropriate solutions.


Impact Metrics

We can help embed the Impact Metrics platform into your organization and develop relevant Metrics with a proven methodology.



Help in assessing your organizations’ needs to target the solutions that effectively enable you to steward donors for a lifetime.

Custom Projects

Custom functionalities can be developed to meet the unique needs of your organization! We know your organization has its own data and system needs, as every organization’s mission is different from one another. Our team of experts works with you to help identify your needs and how we can best fill them. We can help you with planning for future hardware and system requirements, customized reporting, and enhancing Silent Partner DMS to capture your organization’s important data.

Recent Projects

  • Cheque Scanning module

  • Third party payment module

  • Camp registration module

  • Child sponsorship module

  • Map My Donors

Other Services


Our flexible, scalable and high performance hosted solutions (powered by Amazon Web Services) enable your organization to truly work from anywhere in a secure environment. Our Virtual Desktop Solution can host the Silent Partner or any other tools required by your organization.

Data Validation

Many organizations become victims to messy or incomplete databases due to staff turnover or other reasons. Let us review and validate your data to determine any gaps or issues lurking within your donor and donation databases.


Report Building

Whether it is for the use of marketing, accounting or a board meeting, we can design and build custom reports from scratch to suit the exact needs of your organization.


Smooth integration with all leading and common accounting software, existing systems, financial institutions and online payment solutions (PayPal, CanadaHelps). In addition, we offer custom integrations to your internal systems, alternative payment solutions and more.

Data Migration

Our team of data specialists helps to seamlessly migrate data from existing files into Silent Partner.

Off-Site Data Storage

Your donor database and other important data are the lifeblood of your fundraising efforts. Best practices dictate that your important data and files should be stored in an offsite environment to protect against unexpected events like fires, floods and system failures. Our partnership with Amazon Web Services allows us to store your data in the US or Canada.


Our team of training experts is available to work with your team to boost their skills and productivity while using the Silent Partner. Remote or onsite training are both available to accommodate your organization’s unique situation.

Support & Maintenance

Always be in touch with an expert to give timely and effective technical support. Online Knowledge Center access ad phone support from the USA/Canada.

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