Impact Metrics

We are at the forefront of the next wave of the nonprofit world. We have developed a proven methodology, backed by modern technology, that will help measure your social impact.


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Comprehensive Modules


Data Collection

Mobile-friendly interface lets you easily log any indication of progress.

Data Validation

Examine your data to evaluate and validate the effectiveness of your program.

Tracking & History

Track the progress of an individual participant of your program and the program itself.


See what trends your data uncovers to help guide your decisions and improve your programs.


Ability to generate sophisticated and interactive self-service reports that can easily be shared across your organization.

Impact Metrics Allows You to…

  • Define and visualize success.
  • Work with your current processes and metrics.
  • Measure the impact of your program on those you serve on individual level and community level.
  • Verify the differences you make by scientific evidences.
  • Showcase improvements to all those involved in carrying your mission.

You Can Measure…

  • Healthy Relationships
  • Self-Worth
  • Work Ethic
  • Acquired Knowledge
  • Academic Performance
  • Specific Skill Aptitudes

and a lot more!

Why Measure Your Impact?

  • Understand the impact you have  on people’s lives.
  • Continuously improve your programs.
  • Enhance credibility and transparency.
  • Validate your data.
  • To be cognizant of the trends that your organization is experiencing.
  • To have measurable and  actionable results.

Who Benefits?

  • Urban Youth Organizations
  • Camps
  • Missions & Shelters
  • Missionary Organizations
  • NGOs

Going Beyond a Product to a Methodology

Going beyond simply providing a product, we employ a collaborative and participatory methodology to build a unique system for your organization to grow a pool of valuable data. From establishing the points of measure, developing metrics, implementing the application to analyzing the outcomes, we are committed in every stage of your program lifecycle. With our expertise in technology, we tailor Impact Metrics to a living application that will grow with your organization over time.

1. Develop & Design

Envision desired outcomes, align vision and missions, and determine factors of success. Establish points of measure and develop methodology.

2. Measure & Understand

Collect, validate, and understand data. Find out if we’ve achieved the desired outcomes, progressing towards success or if something needs to change.

3. Adjust & Act

Act upon results and adjust your activities to be more aligned with your vision. Define new metrics and/or refine existing ones for better measurement.

4. Communicate & Share

Share outcomes and impact stories to engage staff and donors, secure funding, and raise the public awareness of your organization.

Measure your social impact with tangible metrics.