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Spend Less Time on Board Administration

My Board View is easy-to-use board portal software that’s 100% free for all nonprofits! Spend less time on board administration and more time fulfilling your mission.

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Make board meetings more efficient

  • Never lose meeting minutes again
  • Simplify meeting scheduling
  • Keep board policies in a secure place that all board members can access
  • Onboard new board members fast
  • Get built-in meeting templates 

Post meeting announcements and reminders to make scheduling easy

Post upcoming board meetings and attach important documents, so there’s no more wondering when the next meeting is or scrambling to find the materials to review.

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Upload meeting minutes, so everyone has access and they never get lost

Upload meeting minutes in a secure folder that all board members have access to, so they never get lost and you can refer back to them for decisions made and action items.

Store board policies in one place to help onboard new members fast

Store all board documents and policies in your free board portal, so there’s no more searching for where they got saved, and you can onboard new board members fast.

Get Built-in Board Templates to Save You Time

My Board View comes with built-in board meeting templates, so you save time planning for and administering board meetings.

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My Board View is 100% free for all nonprofits.
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